CP-Gurukul Rules & Regulations

(Boarding School + Hostel + Coaching = CP Gurukul)

The assessment is based on semester courses with credits of learning and final CGPA based evaluation. The assessment will be based on the following aspects:

  • The management will decide and allot hostel and room to the student on its discretion.
  • In double sharing rooms, student has to accommodate the other student without any objection otherwise the occupant may get it converted into a single room after paying the fees as prescribed for single room. Conversion to single room is possible subjected to availability.
  • Occupant is to see that no damage is done to the hostel property.
  • Servants/maids are available in the hostel from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM. It will be the duty of the student to get the room cleaned by hostel staff appointed for this purposes and keep the room in tidy and hygienic condition.
  • Hot water will be available only from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM hours during November to February months.
  • The warden or any authorized person by the management shall have liberty to inspect the room, its cleanliness and hygiene and for any other purpose at any time.
  • Visitor Time: 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM. Only those Visitors are allowed to meet the student whose name(s) are given in the hostel admission form with the permission of hostel warden/ Administrator. Visitors can meet the residents at the Reception Lobby or Visitor Room only.
  • Guest or visitors are not permitted to stay in the hostel. However if they wish to stay in campus then they may book room in Guest House.
  • Vegetarian food is provided in the hostel which includes (a) Break-Fast, (b) Lunch, (c) High Tea in the evening,  (d) Dinner and (e) Milk in the night.
  • Students have to mark in & out entry in register kept at main gate every time they enter or leave hostel. (VERY IMPORTANT). This rule should be follow strictly and no concession will be given to any student under any circumstances.
  • TV facility in common room, Indoor Sports Facilities etc are complimentary and management can withdraw these any time in the large interest of the students.
  • Celebration of Birthday and other festivals in hostel premises is strictly prohibited. You may celebrate the same in Celebration Zone in the campus.
  • Students are advised not to keep ornaments, huge amount of cash and other valuables with them.
  • All complaints, cases of illness and other related matters should be reported to the hostel warden/student welfare cell immediately.
  • All disputes are subject to Kota (Rajasthan) jurisdiction only.
  • Detailed rules and regulations are given CP-Gurukul Hand Book.