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Fee Details

Fee Structure for Session 2022-23

Admission Fee: 5000/- (For New Admission only)

Caution Fee: 15000/-(Refundable)

School and Hostel Fee:


Double AC

Premium Room1-BHK2-BHK
DoubleSingle1st Child2nd Child1st Child

2nd Child

Class VI/VII/VIII310000NANANA390000180000410000180000
Class IX/X330000NANANA390000190000410000190000
Class XI/XII (PCM/PCB/ Commerce)340000360000380000400000390000200000410000200000
  • Available only for Boy students.
  • One parent must stay with a student in Apartment. Food is not included for students staying in 1/2 BHK Apartments. For more details & facilities provided in the apartment, please speak to our admission in-charge.
Special Benefits:

Early Admission Benefits:

If Admission is taken on or before


31st December 2021


15th January 2022


15th February 2022


After 15th February 2022


Lump Sum Benefit of additional Rs 20000 will be given, if complete fee is paid on/before 15th March 2022.

* In case of 2 siblings taking admission & opting for an Apartment (1/2 BHK), then the 2nd child will not be entitled for any Early Admission Benefit.

Fee Payment Schedule:


Percentage of Fee

Payment date

1st Instalment


As per above table

2nd Instalment


10th July 2022

3rd Instalment


10th October 2022

Important: Submission of PDC’s (Post Dated Cheques) of all pending instalment is mandatory at the time of admission

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Admission Fee (For New admission only) of Rs 5000 to be paid on or before 31st March in case of New Admission.
  2. Registration fee: Rs 25,000/- to be paid at the time of Registration which will be adjusted in the total fees.
  3. Early Admission Benefit will be applicable only when 1st Installment is cleared on or before 15th March 2022.
  4. Lump-Sum Benefit of additional Rs 20000 will be given, if a complete fee is paid on or before 15th March 2022.
  5. Caution Fee (refundable) of Rs 15000 to be paid on or before 31st March. Caution Money will be refunded within 60 days of leaving school after adjusting any pending fee/damages.
  6. Late Fee will be applicable as per follows:
    1. Within 7 Days of due date – Rs 2500
    2. Within 15 Days of due date- Rs 5000
    3. Admission will be cancelled after 15 days of the due
  7. Refund Policy:
    1. The registration fee of Rs 25000 is non-refundable and will not be refunded under any circumstance.
    2. 1st Instalment fee less Registration fee may be refunded if request is submitted to School before 15th March.
    3. In case of lump sum payment
      1. 2nd & 3rd Installments may be refunded if request for refund is submitted between 15th March to 10th July. Please note in such case Lump Sum benefit will not be given and the same will be considered in the refunded amount.
      2. 3rd Instalment may be refunded if request for refund is submitted after 10th July to 10th August. Please note in such case Lump Sum benefit will not be extended and the same will be considered in refunded amount.
    4. No refund will be given after 10th August under any circumstances.
  8. Fee includes:
    1. School Tuition Fee and Activities Fee,
    2. Coaching Fee, Coaching Modules Fee
    3. Hostel Fee, Mess Fee, Laundry Charges and Limited Electricity charges (100 units per room)
  9. Not included in Fee:
    1. Uniform, School Books and personal stationary charges
    2. Tablet Cost (optional – as per actual)
    3. Personal expenses and ongoing stationary charges etc.
  10. Important: Due to government guidelines, if the school campus does not open then Rs 11,000 per month rebate (starting from July 2022) shall be given on account of not using Hostel, Mess & other non-academic facilities. The same shall be adjusted in the final installment or shall be refunded in case of Lump Sum payment. Please note that no rebate shall be given for April and summer vacation period (May and June).