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Learning is not a task to be completed but a process to be continued. CP-Gurukul creates a caring and stimulating environment, providing a personalized, balanced and broadbased education for young minds. The methodology followed in schooling is interactive and an enlightening one, igniting the child's intellectual curiosity.

Best Residential School in Kota Rajasthan


CP-Gurukul faculty consists of qualified, experienced bunch of professionals with innovative and effective teaching skills and committed to make positive difference in life of our students. Our teachers are trained to specialize in teaching, counseling to act as a mentor and guide by providing emotional support to students, when needed.

Best Residential School in Kota Rajasthan


CP-Gurukul follows a specially designed program, which is focused and student centric. Understanding the cognitive and comprehension levels of the students, teachers constantly motivate them to perform well both in academics and co-curricular activities.

Best Residential School in Kota Rajasthan


To set the mood for learning, the campus has state-of-art infrastructure with spacious classrooms that creates an ideal ambience to stimulate the joy of learning.

Best Residential School in Kota Rajasthan

Labs & Computer Centre

CP-Gurukul has modern lab to facilitate practical application of knowledge. Practical classes in all branches of Science - Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences as well Computer & Mathematics are conducted in specially designed laboratories under the watchful eyes of adept teachers. Participation in Science projects and Science exhibition is an integral part of learning at CP-Gurukul.

Best Residential School in Kota Rajasthan


A well designed library-media center having wide range of meticulously selected books of all subjects, magazines, newspapers, digital content instigates information gathering and learning process.

Best Residential School in Kota Rajasthan

Special Attention & Personal Care

Faculty as mentor is assigned to each student to provide academic guidance, Personal care and motivation to get the best academic output.

Foundation Years (Grade 6th to 10th): Foundation Years program aim excellence in school academics integrated with preparation for prestigious scholarship exams like NTSE, Olympiadsand layingstrong foundation for future competitive exams like JEE, NEET etc.
Target Years (Grade 11th, 12th and 12th pass): Target Years program covers School Academics and integrated preparation for JEE, NEET etc.